About Us

Sustainable business is a necessity and an opportunity for forward-thinking, long-term vision enterprises. The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) guidelines create a level playing field for businesses.

Cooperate Green is ready to assist you in these challenges. Cooperate Green comprises consultants, financial experts, and auditors collaborating on strategic planning, (CSRD) reporting, and its independent verification. This way, you get a solution from A to Z.

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Our experts

Our team comprises several experienced experts guiding businesses in sustainability.


In November 2022, at a sustainability reporting masterclass hosted by the Erasmus School of Accounting and Assurance, Wim Nienhuis, Gregor Kruijssen, and Erik Gooijer met. This encounter highlighted the need to provide clients with answers to the specific question: ‘How to fulfill the required sustainability reporting?’

Through this meeting, a movement began, leading to the inclusion of like-minded individuals through mutual networks, namely Leonard van Brunschot, Bob van Dal, and Bas Ligtenberg. Out of our passion, the creation of a new organization, Cooperate Green, emerged.

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Each of us has our own specialization and strength. Together, these complement each other well, enabling us to provide a full range of qualifications and personalities to support clients or even completely relieve them in the areas of Sustainability and ultimately provide ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) assurance.

At Cooperate Green, we collaborate with consultants, financial experts, and auditors in strategic planning, (CSRD) reporting, and its independent verification. Thus, we offer a solution from A to Z!

We view ESG as an opportunity to align organizational objectives and activities with contributions to people, the environment, and society. It is our passion to assist organizations in this endeavor, contributing together to a more beautiful world.

We are all proud to be part of this, alongside fellow passionate entrepreneurs. Working together towards a greater goal, making the world a little bit more beautiful, together.

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